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Other brand names of Ativan are Lorazepam, Temesta, Tavor.
Why do some drugs have different names?
These are trade or brand names registered by the manufacturer. In different countries manufacturers will often use different trade names. The medications have the same active ingredients, but may look different and have a different trade name.

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Ativan is a mild tranquilizing agent aimed at curbing anxiety as well as an anti-emetic. It belongs to a family of psychotropics called Benzodiazepines which all target GABA (gamma amino butyric acid,) but in slightly altered strengths as well expectations of onset and duration.
2mg Ativan is favored because it traditionally does not accumulate in the system and it for the most part is only taken for short periods.

Dosage Information
An overall daily requirement is mainly maxed at 12 milligrams in total for the day. But even in more extreme cases of chemotherapy or crippling anxiety, the cap is about 6mg, so 2mg of Ativan taken 3 times throughout the course of 24 hours.
In case you forget a pill, you must wait until the time you usually take your next one and start again from there. It is dangerous to take an extra pill along with the one you just took since an overdose may then occur.
It is frequently thought that one must take a lot to experience an overdose, but in reality being just a milligram or two over may provoke one. In case you consume too much and feel extremely sick, get to an emergency room immediately.

Why You May Not Be Given 2mg of Ativan
Many people are allergic to benzodiazepines, so a physician may seek an alternative for them, usually in the form of over the counter narcotics. Also, patient’s with kidney disease or glaucoma may be harmed further with anxiolytics such as Ativan for anxiety relief.
Also, certain people who may be allergic to something like lactose in a given tablet may be offered a generic alternative that can have an inactive ingredient substitute.
There can be contraindications with other pharmaceuticals as well as with caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. A history of drug abuse may also be a factor in why a doctor will be reluctant to write you an rx.

Cost Solutions
Usually, the price of Ativan is directly correlated to dose and is on average, 1 dollar a pill. It is probably the best, both in terms of health and money, to start out small and see what your physician advises from there, because adjustments are a typical practice even after less than a week.
If 1mg Ativan, for instance seems to be the best solution for as long as the therapy should proceed, you may then buy Ativan online in bulk since it is cheaper. If, after another period of time, another adjustment is made, advocating weaker tablets or a withdrawal, you may then halve your pills with a specific cutting instrument sold at most pharmacies.

Since 2mg Ativan is the highest dose manufactured, the dangers accompanying drug use is increased as well. Chemical dependence is one of the biggest issues in America today and numerous rehabilitation clinics operate on non-profit statuses. Many times, health insurance will lessen the blow of the cost and it is common to hear of employment coverage, sick day leave etc.


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